Testimonials for Andrew

Andrew Hallam is a true friend of international education. His message of hope and personal empowerment is life changing, and for some, life saving. Andrew’s proven strategy for retirement planning deserves to be heard by every international educator in the field today. Clear-headed, grounded in common sense, and fueled by academic research, Andrew’s approach to personal finance should become a core part of every school’s employee orientation program and compensation package, such is the positive impact it will have for employees and employers alike.

Glenn Chapin

High School Principal American School of BarcelonaFormer Head of School in Guam, Pakistan, Malaysia, and the United States

Andrew’s international experience, his comprehensive overview in the field of financial investments and his truly independent & unbiased view are very inspirational for all of our teachers.

Petr Draxler

Director of Human Resources, International School of Prague

It was a pleasure hosting Andrew Hallam at the Benjamin Franklin International School. I specifically sought him out because I had heard so many great things about his presentations. What I love about Andrew is that there is no agenda here. At the core, it is teaching. Allowing teachers to better understand what to do with their money and how to put themselves in the best possible financial position is his goal. It is not selling books or products. It is helping people become more informed. I admire his passion and commitment and hope to have him back again.

Colin Boudreau

Head of School, Benjamin Franklin International School

The important concepts of sustainability and wellness are not lost on modern schools. Increasingly we provide a holistic support system for our students, while often ignoring our own needs – especially in the often taboo area of personal finances. Andrew Hallam’s clear, concise, and easy to understand information regarding financial planning provides an antidote to this preventable condition. He is an engaging speaker, who makes the complex world of financial investment accessible and attainable to the layperson. Most importantly, Andrew is insistent on action and presses his audience to get as active in their financial planning as in their desire for a thinner waist or more stress free life. Any school truly committed to staff wellness needs to include financial planning as an intentional and integral component to its staff support programme.

James Dalziel

Head of East Campus, United World College of South East Asia

Andrew is passionate about financial planning and helping people to develop good habits around saving for their future. His enthusiasm, strong communication style and breadth of knowledge in financial literacy means he is able to have constructive conversations with people from all walks of life.

Russell Cooke

Executive Director of Human Resources, Singapore American School

I loved Andrew’s presentation. He was super engaging and made me excited to think about how I save money. I should also note that this topic does not typically excite me.

Tracy Wilmer Rops

Early Childhood Educator International School of Prague

In the entertaining hour of his interactive presentation, Andrew made a solid, research-based argument for investing in low cost index funds and paying attention to the fees involved in managed funds. Andrew’s talk prompted me to make a significant change to my portfolio, which I had not been paying attention to. His talk has saved us a lot of money.

Dave Straffon

Middle School Principal, American International School, Vienna

If you’re interested in living like no one else during retirement, you need to learn to live like no one else during your working years! Andrew understands, first hand, the realities international teachers face when it comes to retirement planning. His talks and books provide clear, concise, practical, and timely advice for international educators.

Jeff Devens

School Psychologist, Singapore American School

Andrew worked for three days with my staff, walking through the value of investing and the power of compound interest. He demystified the financial services world and gave teachers the confidence they needed to make financial planning part of their lives. Each day he worked with small groups of teachers from different countries to help them navigate the particular rules of their home country. He took time to counsel teachers who had been targeted by unscrupulous companies to make a plan. Everyone left that week with a new point of view on how they spend, save and invest. Thanks for everything you do, Andrew!


Kattina Rabdau-Fox

Instructional Coach for STEM, Saigon South International School Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

I had the pleasure of attending an information session, led by Andrew, at my school in Switzerland. He is without a doubt the most informed individual I have encountered in terms of expatriate investing and financial planning. Attending the session led me to purchase his book: The Global Expatriate Guide to Investing, which I would consider the “Bible” for expats wanting to learn the most effective low cost way to invest and save for retirement. If you have the opportunity to see or speak with Andrew, I would highly recommend it, as he is the only person in the financial world that is looking out for the interests of expats.

Fabio Paron

H.S. Economics Teacher The International School of Zug and Luzern, Switzerland

Andrew was incredibly generous with his time and delivered 2 talks during this time in Bali. His passion and commitment made an important impact on all of us. I can’t recommend his workshops and books highly enough.

Urko Masse

IT Manager, Bali International School

I am very thankful we were able to bring Andrew to Beijing for three days. His talks were direct and no-nonsense; he knew the systems for different countries, so could give focused advice. International schools, with the best of intentions, do their teachers considerable financial harm by promoting poisonous financial services. Andrew Hallam is the antidote. Drink deeply!

Jeri Hurd

High School Teacher-Librarian / EE Coordinator Western Academy of Beijing

Jeri Hurd

With an easy-going manner and financial know-how, Andrew had us take out our computers and do the math. He tackled all questions with inarguable facts, and most of all, he taught us the importance of taking control of our own finances. I left his session feeling empowered and energized, ready to start planning for my own future. I am deeply indebted to Andrew!

Steve Perkins

International School of Bangkok

Andrew offers eloquent, concise, practical and easy financial advice to follow, not just for teachers, but anyone who wants financial independence at any age with any job. He is generous with his time and knowledge.

Elaine Fong

Teacher / Librarian, Singapore

I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to see Andrew Hallam speak. His clear, direct and simple plan for retirement had me inspired.

Jeff Kalas

Upper School Counselor, Frankfurt International School

Jeff Kalas

Andrew came to our school and delivered practical and informative workshops on simple investment strategies for teachers that have major ramifications for their retirement savings. Our faculty appreciated his enthusiastic presentation style and his passion for helping fellow educators understand finance. He generously shared his knowledge and resources and answered questions in a straightforward and clear manner. I highly recommend Andrew – a must for all international educators!

Brett D.

Munich International School

Andrew is the first teacher to ever teach me about investing. He is the first person who explained what all that jargon meant and how I could become more financially intelligent. He never sold me anything, he never tried, he just shared his knowledge of the financial world, it’s outrageous fees and the financial companies who prey on unknowledgeable expats like I used to be. He taught me how to navigate the financial waters to make smart independent decisions so I could plan for my family’s future.

Dave Rops

High School Mathematics, International School of Prague

It’s hard to believe you’re learning about finances when you listen to Andrew Hallam speak. As a secondary English and personal finance teacher for almost 2 decades, it’s no wonder Andrew’s presentations are engaging, easy to understand and inspiring. Highly recommended for those who aren’t particularly investment savvy; no matter where you are on your financial journey, you’ll walk away feeling empowered and enlightened.

Melissa Pritchard

Grade 4 teacher, GEMS Academy, Lausanne, Switzerland

Andrew Hallam is quite possibly one of the kindest souls on earth. He and his wife, Pele, are visiting schools around the world and speaking about something that we should all be taking a keen interest in – personal finance. Andrew is understanding and supportive of those who have been scammed and conned out of their life savings; he is knowledgeable and informed about all things regarding money and how to make it and most importantly he shows people how to escape the clutches of the worst companies in the finance industry – those who will go to great lengths to keep you from knowing the information you need to truly be financially free. Some of those companies have attempted to sully Andrew’s name and to make people think that he’s making money from speaking to them. I know it’s difficult to believe that someone could care enough about teachers to help them for free, but Andrew Hallam truly does.

Andrew’s talks are essential for all teachers and especially those working in the Middle East.

Kate Bradley

Head of Senior School, Brighton College Abu Dhabi

From the perspective of someone who has seen Andrew Hallam talk, he takes nothing, sells nothing and gives a very frank and realistic assessment of those commission based sales people. Andrew has truly changed my future and the future of many friends and colleagues. Either trust those who take a huge amount of commission and who couldn’t care less about you or your future or trust the one person who is standing up to protect normal, everyday people who just want to do the best for their future. I can only thank Andrew for all of his wise words.

Tim Smale

Head of Sixth Form, Brighton College Abu Dhabi

I had previously invested my money with Devere for a period of 18 months. However, off the back of reading both of Andrew Hallam’s books and speaking to colleagues, I decided to withdraw my funds (at a sizeable cost). I then had the opportunity to hear Andrew speak. The seminar was informative and, I do not use this term lightly when I say, potentially, life-changing. What made Andrew’s presentation particularly compelling was the fact that he actively encouraged people to constantly scrutinise everything he said. It was clear that he wanted his attendees to draw their own conclusions once the full facts had been presented. One of the tangible outcomes of this approach has been that I have been able to compare different online brokerages and identify the companies that provide the lowest costs and offer the services that best match my investing requirements. Then to add the cherry on the cake of financial knowledge, Andrew provided it completely FREE OF CHARGE … Thank you Andrew Hallam.

Laddi Knights

Year 5 and 6 Teacher, Brighton College Abu Dhabi

Andrew’s 2 books helped my wife and I to make informed financial decisions. I think the world needs people like Andrew to educate us about finance. So many of my colleagues have made poor financial decision, investing with companies that take huge cuts and eventually they ended up losing money. We’ve written to him a few times via Facebook, were we asked for more advice. He never promoted any specific company or institution. I believe he has pure intentions to educate people about finance. I like the fact that he advocates the idea of frugal living, with a focus on saving and hopefully the fruitful outcome of financial freedom. He could have retired on an island in Thailand, yet he continues to give presentations free of charge (if he’s in the vicinity). Kuddos to you Andrew!

Dirk C van Rooyen

Canadian International Scool, Bangalore, India

I attended Andrew’s talk at Cranleigh School in Abu Dhabi on February 2017. It was FREE of charge and open to everyone. Indeed, Andrew recommended some brokerages but he did not force anyone to do business with them. He does not sell any advice but he gives them for free. Andrew educates people – let the people educate themselves!

Adam Seymour

Head of History, Brighton College, Abu Dhabi

One huge omission from many school curricula around the world is personal finance. We all want to save money for the future but how do we invest? Surely it must be difficult and, therefore, I should put my money in the hands of a ‘professional’ money manager…? Right…?

Not unless the advisor only builds portfolios of low-cost index funds!

Andrew came to our school and did two fantastic talks:

1) A talk to teachers about finding ‘their number’ for retirement. How much should they be saving to live a comfortable life in retirement.

2) He illustrated the MASSIVE fees levied by the financial companies on their policies and showed us how to invest in low cost index funds. You can do it yourself – it’s easy.

These sessions were worth their weight in gold and I have had many of the staff come back and tell me how he had genuinely changed their lives. On a personal level, it is so refreshing to find a genuinely altruistic person who is going out of their way to help others from falling into the trap that so many in the Middle East have. His talks should form the basis of any responsible school’s INSET for staff in expat schools worldwide.

Simon Kenworthy

Head of Cranleigh Abu Dhabi Prep School

Andrew’s advice always seems to be sound and evidence-based. His guidance is based off of what would be the best financial and sometimes emotional+financial interest of the individual receiving his advice. The expat community has received so much more from him than he could possibly be gaining from us. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and guiding me in a better financial direction.

Sean Schochet

Counselor, American School of Dubai

Last year, I purchased Andrew’s book, “The Global Expatriate Guide to Investing,” and it was such helpful and honest guide to investing. I also saw Andrew speak while he was in Dubai this year, and again he provided such great information without pushing any agenda. He shares his valuable knowledge and experience with investing, which is the best option for us as expats. I have researched what he has said regarding ETFs and investing yourself and it has been backed up by so many credible sources.

Sorcha Coyle

Secondary Teacher, Rashid School for Boys, Dubai, UAE

Andrew gave the best advice I have heard from anyone in the field of financial planning. Andrew has no vested interest, something rare in this field, and he has a passion for honesty and transparency. He made a convincing case at our school for why international teachers are often vulnerable to poisonous financial providers. Backed by extensive research and examples with easy to understand numbers, Andrew stressed for me the importance of three things essential to financial security: saving as a habit, annually compounded investment yields, and an investment strategy based on low cost indexed funds. Our teachers are lobbying for his return visit. Andrew’s message is potentially life-changing.

Leon Kandelaars

Head of Humanities, International School of Zug and Luzern, Switzerland