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CI Direct Investing

(Formerly WealthBar)

CI Direct Investing gives Canadian residents or Canadians living abroad an easy and affordable way to build a brighter financial future, whether they’re starting with $1,000, or $1 million. CI Direct Investing is part of CI Financial, one of the country’s largest investment companies, trusted by Canadians since 1965. CI Direct Investing makes it easy to build your financial future with convenient online savings and investing tools, and financial advice at your fingertips.

With CI Direct Investing you can:

  • Effortlessly invest for your future with a professionally-managed portfolio that’s matched to your goals.
  • Put your savings to work at the touch of a button with high-interest savings.
  • Get answers to your money questions anytime, anywhere, so you can make smart moves.
  • Offer both ETF and Private Portfolios
  • Build a brighter future with financial planning and retirement planning included in your already low fee.*

(* As of August 2020, CI Direct Investing management fees (excluding the funds’ underlying MER) range from 0.35-0.6% based on the assets under management.)

Here are some of the top reasons to choose CI Direct Investing:

  1. Professional financial planning
  2. Financial advice at your fingertips
  3. Unique access to private investments
  4. Transparency & performance track record
  5. Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)

Online Banking & Alternatives


For the last 10 years, CurrencyFair has provided best-in-class service for quick, low-cost money transfers, empowering both people and businesses with access to fair financial services. By embracing the latest technologies to deliver great exchange rates and providing outstanding and accessible customer service, CurrencyFair has saved over €260 million for their customers worldwide.

The service allows you to send and receive money to and from over 150 countries and in more than 20 currencies. For big life moments such as buying property overseas, to the ones that matter most like sending money to family abroad, CurrencyFair has you covered.

They are the key to making money transfers simple and easy:

  • Overseas money transfers
  • Receiving overseas pensions
  • Paying tuition fees
  • Paying overseas tax
  • Receiving proceeds from selling shares

Important: CurrencyFair offers the first 5 trades free for new customers. 

On occasion, CurrencyFair could offer the first 10 trades free; or a free time period, such as one month of free trades.  If you see either it is highly recommended you sign up immediately as the offer could disappear.


(formerly TransferWise)


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